Areas of Specialization

Corporate Communications

Reports, E-mails, Press releases, Job descriptions, Training material
Website Content, Catalogs, Brochures, Flyers
Terms & Conditions, Internal policies, Contracts, EULAs

Translations for International Organizations

Reports, Studies, Minutes, Press Releases, Blog Posts, Web Content, Brochures, Internal and External Communication, Contracts, Agreements and Policies

Agriculture & Environment, Gender Issues, Human Rights & Child Rights, WASH Sector, Resilience, Disaster Relief & Refugee Care, Transparency & Ethics, Health, Education & E-learning, Governance & Political Systems

IT Translation and Localization

Software User Interface, Product Documentation, Online Content, e-Learning and Training materials
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Continuing Professional Development

A guided tour of Oil & Gas exploration technology by Ivan Vasconcelos from eCPD Webinars

Commercial Law Terminology by Suzanne Deliscar from ProZ

Translating for the International Development Sector by Corinne McKay from eCPD Webinars

Working with Translation Agencies by Anne De Freyman from eCPD Webinars

The business of owning a CAT tool by Janine Roberts and Lucy Brooks from eCDP Webinars

Introduction to IT Translation & Software Localisation, Translation Techniques for IT Translation and Software Localisation and Translation Tools for IT Translators by Emmanouela Patiniotaki from eCPD Webinars

First Steps in Website Localisation by Dorota Pawlak from eCPD Webinars

Writing Copy for your Business Website by Jo Rourke from eCPD Webinars

Getting to Grips with Google Analytics by Jo Rourke from eCPD Webinars

La PAO expliquée aux traducteurs (Desktop Publishing Explained to Translators) by Hala Sabra from the SFT

The price is right – pricing strategies for your translation services by Tess Whitty from eCPD Webinars

Finding and connecting with clients online – using LinkedIn and Twitter by Tess Whitty from eCPD Webinars

Getting to Grips with Excel by Ana Ricca from eCPD Webinars

Apprenez à créer votre site web avec HTML5 et CSS3 (How to create your website using HTML5 and CSS) by Mathieu Nebra from OpenClassrooms — Ongoing

Rédigez facilement des documents avec Word (A complete guide to Word) by Michel Martin from OpenClassrooms — Ongoing

Localization Essentials (A complete guide to Word) by Google on Udacity — Ongoing